309 lomdim will be finishing the entire Shas in one day, raising funds in the process for A Time, the holy organization that helps make couples’ dreams of parenthood come true. Here, A Time’s Shasathon gets underway today, the roar of limud haTorah filling the Kalahari Resort.

The sweetest words: Hadron aloch!
South Fallsburg rosh yeshiva Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel reciting the Hadron at the A Time Shasathon this evening.

The Shasathon mesaymim dancing, rejoicing over the achievement of being mesayeim Shas collectively, 2711 dapim uniting the participants at Kalahari.

Two brother blessed with an extraordinary gift, one that they shared with the attendees at the A Time Shasathon this evening.

There could be no better guest speaker at A Time’s Shasathon tonight than Rav Fishel Weinberger, who recently celebrated the birth of his first child after some 34 years of marriage. Rav Fisher spoke from the heart to the eager audience.

Not just a catchy song, but a composition with a deep, penetrating message.
Abie Rotenberg performing his classic tonight at the A Time Shasathon.

And speaking of classics, brothers Yanky and Shulem Lemmer join Abie in performing this all-time great.