Delicious Purim fare…with our brothers and sisters in captivity in mind. #OneFamily

Leil Purim learning at Scheiner’s Shul in Monsey.

Leil Purim learning at the Torah Links Center

Dancing with the flag of Israel at Yeshivas Ponovezh.

In West Gate, creatively asking for funds for those who need bread and milk, live animals on scene to help make the pitch.

Mechias Amaleik l’mehadrin.

At the home of Rav Zvi Bender, not just mishloach manos for his talmidim of Yeshiva Ohr Yehuda, but prizes galore to bring Purim smiles to the youngsters.

Purim with the Slabodka rosh yeshiva, Maran Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, and the song is not a Purim one, but an all-year-round one, a plea for the next dor to be comprised of those devoted to Torah and avodah.

Purim morning learning in Gateshead, England.

In the heart of Gaza, away from home and family, but with the same spirit, buoyed by the knowledge that while a nation celebrates, it has on its mind and in its heart our brothers on the battlefield.

Also in the heart of Gaza, the words of the Megillah so real and so meaningful.

At Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza.

Purim pump at Yeshiva Ohr Yisroel.

6 a.m. at Kollel Ohr Shmuel at Lutzk, kicking off a Purim day the most exalted way…

…Followed by a Purim breakfast for the entire family at Ateres Reva Hall.

After a spirited Purim seder at Yeshivas Ponovezh in Bnei Brak, Rav Leizer Kahaneman and Rav Berel Povarsky lock hands in a spirited dance to the absolute delight of ecstatic talmidim.

Mesivta of Long Beach celebrates Purim with Rav Shloime Taussig, a traditional Chaim Berlin Purim niggun spreading its joy far beyond…


Sparks of generosity…

Krias hamegillah in Tehran, Iran.

His audience – and garb – is different than usual, but the goal is the same – to uplift… Rav Meilech Biderman, donning an American flag hat, at a mesibas Purim for yesomim arranged by Nachzik Chazak. #SparksOfRavMeilech