Drone footage of the Gerer Rebbe at mayim shelanu.

Pre-Pesach words of chizuk from Shloime Dachs.

Hundreds of miles from any bastion of Jewishness, in the middle of the Pennsylvania mountains, chesed at its finest, volunteers feeding Klal Yisroel’s Yom Tov travelers.


Plenty of food, served with a smile.

And spiritual nourishment too, the call of Mincha bringing Yidden together.

Flight BA403 tonight had a nearly 3 hour delay, during which passengers weren’t sure they would make it from Israel to London in time for Yom Tov. But upon landing at close to midnight – before collecting their suitcases – a Jew has a calling to travel skywards again.


At Lakewood’s Bais Medrash Chayei Yisroel, remnants of the final chometz of the year – but not just any chometz, chometz of a siyum on all of Shas.

…And one floor up, hundreds of seforim on the chag, plenty to learn and ponder in preparation for Zeman Cheiruseinu.

At the Lutzk Bais Medrash this morning, not just one siyum….

…but two, more than just a taanis bechorim, a celebration of Torah and the gift we received millennia ago….

…The Kaddish we recite on two disparate occasions, this one to shouts of mazel tov upon the completion of a final Daf.

…And delicious fare to enjoy, the final chometz before the Yom Tov, R’ Feivish Waxman with the Erev Pesach play by play.

The heroes of Achiezer heading out to make the Yom Tov brighter for others, particularly those spending this exalted period in the hospital…

The before…


…And the after.

Stocked not just with food and drink, but with ahavas Yisroel and the love of a nation. Note the prepared kearahs on the bottom shelf.

Dancing after mayim shelanu at Bobov in Toronto.

Last-minute garbage drop-off in Lakewood at one of the various pre-Pesach locations arranged by the local Department of Public Works.

A glimpse of the Bikur Cholim of Lakewood medical equipment teach warehouse, a place of giving and holiness.

Rav Yaakov Meir Schechter receiving matzos sent by his chavrusa, the Pinsk-Karliner Rebbe.

The Serdeheli Rov at mechiras chometz.

The Gerer Rebbe at biur chometz.

The Naroler Rebbe at biur chometz.

A look at the setup of the Belzer Rebbe Pesach Seder tish.

Mechiras chometz at the Bais Havaad of Lakewood…

…Rav Avrohom Yeshaya Cohen presiding over the sale…

…And the sale is consummated.