As sunset approaches, there’s a lineup of cars, not for a local attraction, but a response to the call of Mincha….

….Yidden converging on a home in Orlando’s Champions Gate, a makeshift shul, the attendees so numerous they spill out to the street.

A CLOSER LOOK: The minyanim during winter break in Orlando are courtesy of the local Orlando Torah Academy, which arranged for no fewer than a dozen Sifrei Torah this weekend. And along with minyan houses, Sifrei Torah, siddurim and Chumashim comes the warm OTA touch – delicious danishes and coffee to take and enjoy.

All it takes is one person!
OTA attributes its major chesed operation to the vision of one Ira Zlotowitz, who saw the kosher possibilities for frum visitors to Orlando. OTA took the idea and ran with it. Today, thousands are the beneficiaries of that vision.